Chase and Kyle travel to Alaska in September 2014 to hunt the animal Chase has been dreaming about since he started hunting fifteen years ago… a big bull moose. Though the terrain is not difficult like a mountain hunt, what they realize is that when the trigger is pulled, the work begins.


You take your time setting up to make a solid shot. You double check the range, and consult your ballistics chart. Slowly squeeze the trigger between inhale and exhale. But with the adrenaline pumping, you forget to dial your turret. And you come oh so close to making the perfect shot. But whether you pack in light and come out heavy, or pack in light and come out lighter, backcountry hunts with good friends are always a good time.

Close is the story of Jay’s 2013 October Coues deer hunt in southern Arizona.


In 2013 Chase drew a coveted NM archery elk tag. The season experienced abnormally high rains that flooded the rivers and roads. On the third day of the hunt, we were able to call in a great 6 point bull, only to lose him after the shot. We found him again the next day, feeding and rutting his harem. After a few more days, a few passes on different bulls, and a few additional close calls, Chase was finally able to put the final arrow in this magnificent animal. The hunt was flooded with both rain and emotion, with super high highs, and the super low lows that come from wounding an animal that you love and respect. The video is a testament to the power of the will to live, and the determination it sometimes takes to fill a tag.


Jay has been hunting Arizona’s Coues deer since 2006, but had never wrapped a tag around a 100″ buck. In 2012, he got to travel to Sonora Mexico to hunt Coues deer with Matt Woodward and Borderland Adventures. What he found was a deer population not managed by a game agency with a target buck to doe ratio… and the goal he’d been chasing for six years.

The Call

Our 2013 Media Reel.

You hear it calling you.

Everyday of your life it beckons you.

Some days it screams out at you, while others it’s merely a whisper. But it’s always there.

Like a siren calling a sea weary sailor, so the mountain calls to you. Tempting you. Pleading with you. Daring you to prove yourself… to toe the line against a force not bound to be kind to man.

The mountain is calling. And like a drug sick addict, you always go.